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Posted on 2021-04-06 • Filed under yadayada

To have something akin to a production site (lol), I've decided to give re:Web a homepage / blog.

It will be a good place to post news and updates.

And it runs on re:Web, hence the title.

This site runs on Nicholas, "a lightweight, flat-file, easy to use & nearly-headless blogging system". This was a coincidental discovery, but it's pretty nice so far! I love simple things.

Nicholas is PHP without external dependencies (no database!), so it's an awesome fit for nginx+php powered by re:Web!

Thanks to Lambda + re:Web, this blog is blazingly fast, it would scale to BBC-levels of traffic unmodified1, and is highly available in three different Availability Zones.

And it costs roughly... nothing!

  1. Well, besides AWS default quotas. Still, default quotas will handle more traffic than you'll ever need.